Importance of Tofu for Your Body

There are two different types of people; there are those who tend to eat whatever they like without paying much attention to the benefits and side effects that could be transformed to their bodies, and there are those who tend to look into the nutrition facts related to every single new thing they tend to try in order to know whether they will need to avoid it, eat more of it, or schedule it in different days across the week or even the month. Tofu is one of the different Asian food types that could be cooked in different ways and with different things and it carries different benefits that the body will be happy about receiving.

Eating one unhealthy food type once is not considered dangerous and might not harm the body as much as some people think; it might actually have no harm at all, but the problem appears when the person gets attached to this food type and tends to eat it regularly or more than they are supposed to, that is when the side effects start to appear and when the body starts to act negatively. Tofu is different, it carries nutrients and minerals which the body needs and thus is considered one good thing to try, cook in different ways, and eat regularly.

Tofu Health Benefits

Coming from the Asian side of the world, tofu is considered part of the East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines, it comes in different types and that is the main reason why it could go with different dishes and different types of food; there is the soft, the firm, the extra firm, and the silken types of tofu. There is another name given to this type of food which is bean curd because it is made from coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks.

Most of the those food types which you could add to different dishes carry no flavor or have subtle one that makes it suitable for them to be added to almost everything. When it comes to tofu, we have to mention that its subtle flavor not only gives it the chance to be accepted as a side dish for several things, but it also gives it the chance to be marinated and seasoned in any kind of way, being suitable for both sweet and savory dishes.

The benefits related to tofu go back to the nutrients it carries within, making the whole idea of knowing more about tofu nutrition facts one important thing to get introduced to. The nutrients in tofu include fats, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, calcium, iron, and magnesium and every single one of these is responsible for a specific thing inside the body, making tofu an important type of food that could help the body and give it the chance to stay healthy. Here are some of the tofu benefits which make this food type an important one:

  • It Provides the Body with Protein

One of the main needs for the body is protein in order for it to function properly. A lot of people think that proteins are only delivered to the body through meat products, but that is not true because there are still other sources of protein which the person could depend on, such as vegetables and soy products in this case. Tofu carries amino acids which is another thing to shed the lights on, not just that, but we have to mention that replacing meat with tofu might give the person the chance to avoid different diseases and health conditions which might happen with eating meat on a regular basis.

  • It Lowers the Level of Cholesterol

In addition to the protein it could manage to deliver to the body, there are still some other health benefits which tofu could carry for the human body, such as lowering the level of cholesterol. A lot of people are suffering from high levels of cholesterol which is considered one of the causative agents of heart related ailments and this usually comes from the fats found in the food. A lot of people fail to avoid this kind of fat because it is found in almost all the cooking oils and in most of the dishes prepared in restaurants and that is exactly when tofu will manage to serve.

Tofu is helpful when it comes to reducing the cholesterol level in the body because it absorbs the cooking oil and all the other liquids that could lead to different diseases if they are accumulated in the body, not just that, but tofu also has lower levels of saturated fatty acids and higher levels of unsaturated fatty acids when compared to meat, as well as being a good source of lecithin and linolenic acid which helps in regulating metabolism along with the dispersion and elimination of cholesterol deposits in the body.

  • It Carries Anticancer Properties

One of the health problems that a huge number of people are suffering from around the world is cancer; this beast which a lot of people sometimes lose the battle and fail to fight anymore. There are different food types out there that could actually lead to cancer, but on the other hand, there are still those which could not heal this condition but at least could serve when it comes to decreasing the possibilities of getting it. One of these different food types that you could lean on when it comes to beating cancer is tofu.

The main reason behind the help that tofu could offer when it comes to cancer is the isoflavones content in it, which are famously know for reducing the risk of cancer especially when it comes to post-menopausal women. According to different researches, it was found that tofu could help in decreasing the risk of endometrial cancer in post-menopausal women and those who might be already suffering from lung cancer may live longer by including tofu in their diet plan. Generally speaking, the isoflavones help in managing the symptoms of menopause in women and some studies stated that they could reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer as well.

  • It is a Good Source of Calcium

Tofu contents are combined together in order to deliver a full meal to the body at the end, one that fulfills all its different needs. One of the contents of tofu is calcium and we have always known that calcium is beneficial for the body because it builds stronger bones. There are different problems which those who their bodies are low on calcium might suffer from, such as suffering from osteoporosis, rapid aging due to brittle bones, as well as the poor formation of the new bones, and that is why providing the body with the right amount is always needed.

A lot of people fail to provide their bodies with the right amount of calcium and that is the main reason why a lot of nutritionists advise them to depend on tofu because it carries high amounts of it since it could slows down the aging process by keeping the bones strong.

  • It Carries High Levels of Iron

They are all names which we know that our bodies need without knowing the main reasons behind their importance for the body and that is why a lot of people know that tofu is beneficial for the body because it supplies it with different nutrients and minerals but have no idea why these minerals and nutrients are important for the body in the first place. Iron is needed because it provides different parts of the body with the needed oxygen and this oxygen is beneficial because the body will not be able to survive without it.

In order to understand how the whole process goes; the oxygen is delivered throughout the body with the help of hemoglobin which transports this gas to every part of the body, this hemoglobin which exists in the blood is actually formed by the appearance of iron and thus to receive this iron and give the body the chance to go through this process safely, it should eat tofu which delivers iron and copper to the body and thus prevent the symptoms of anemia and keeps the organs running smoothly due to the proper oxygenation.

There are still other benefits related to eating tofu which we didn’t mention above, such as helping in regulating body weight, carrying the cardiovascular benefits for maintaining the cardiovascular health, as well as being one safe type of food for gout patients who need safe sources to receive protein from.

Healthy Tofu

In order to choose the healthy type of tofu and fall on those white cubes which you are sure about them being safe, it is better to search for those shops that sell them fresh instead of buying them from the supermarket, but if you don’t have the first option then at least make sure to have a look on the production and expiry dates to keep yourself in the safe side all the time.

Once you open the package of tofu, you should rinse it, cover with water, and then keep it in the refrigerator and if you want to make it fresh for at least one week after opening it then you will need to change the water regularly, but other than that it might start to go rancid. Tofu could be stored for up to five months in the freezer but only when the original package is not opened.

If you have any health issues or dealt with special cases before like a history of oxalate containing kidney stones or you are one of those women who have once had estrogen sensitive breast tumors, you should definitely check back with your doctor before deciding to eat tofu and before even deciding on the amount you are allowed to eat during the whole day.

Tofu food is considered safe when looked at generally and it helps different people with different issues and provides the body with the nutrients and minerals needed for it to perform actively and become healthy. The reason behind eating tofu might differ from one person to another but the one thing that serves them all is that every single one of them could eat this food type according to his/her likes and dislikes and add it to different dishes without feeling that there is something going wrong, because it suits almost everything and could be seasoned differently.

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