Survival Needs of the Body

Food, oxygen, and water are from the daily needs of the body in order for it to survive and keep going and when it comes to food, you will then need to choose those healthy types which you are supposed to stay close to. Tofu will be always on the list of healthy food types to choose from for the different benefits it could manage to deliver to the body, but there are also other options which you could try according to your likes and dislikes. When you are trying to discover your body, you should know the basic needs for survival which your body will be always searching for.

There are different things needed by the body according to its mood; sometimes it might be in need to work out in order to get refreshed, other times it might be in need for healthy food in order to fight viruses and bacteria, and in a different situation it might be in need for some fresh air in order for the brain to work, but these are different from the basic requirements for survival which play a role in life and death.

What the Body Needs to Survive

When you are searching for the healthy options that your stomach will be safer with, you should first know the basic requirements for the body in general for it to survive. There are a couple of things that would come to your mind immediately, such as water, oxygen, and food; oxygen of course comes at the top of the list which is then followed by water and lastly by food, because the body could stay for a couple of days or even weeks without food but it will fail to do the same without water.

There are some differences between the basic needs of the body, some of them are critical and the body will never be able to survive without them, and there are those ones which are not much critical but will at some point be needed or else the body will start to get tired to a huge extent. These basic critical needs are oxygen, water, and food, and those which come in the next level but are usually added to the same group are shelter and sleep.

As much as your body needs food and water, it also needs to rest and sleep to give itself the chance to know how to deal with this world, and that is the main reason why you should always balance between all these needs and know the importance of each one of them and the reason why your body is in need for it. Here are some of the human survival needs which you should know more about:

  • Air

We all know that air is the most important thing for the body and without it we have to say that people will die. Your body needs consistent supply of oxygen and without this oxygen, the body might experience a condition known as cerebral hypoxia which immediately affects the brain, and without your brain working, it means that the person is in a state of unconsciousness. Your brain needs oxygen all the time because even 5 minutes without it, the brain might get damaged, and if the amount of time is exceeded and reached 15 minutes, that brain damage might be severe that most of the people might not recover from it; they might die, and that is why we have to say that air is considered the greatest need of the body, one that is even much more important than the food and the healthy choices you might make. After you understand the importance of oxygen to your body and brain, you have to go a little bit further and know about the other basic needs.

  • Water

From the other basic human survival needs of the body and one which comes directly after oxygen or air is the water. Water might be sometimes considered the most important and this mainly goes back to the fact that the body is made up of 70% of water. As you live, you tend to deplete the resources of your body and that is why you should always keep your body hydrated and that might be the reason why you are always asked to drink lots of water when you are working out because your body will be losing water through sweating.

You should know how the dehydration process goes or how it happens; first of all, when the body is unable to maintain the hydration balance, it begins the dehydration process. A 2.5% less in water volume in the person means 25% reduction in the blood volume and this means that the blood will get thicker and the heart will have to work harder in order to pump nutrients throughout the body. This lower blood volume reduces the flow to extremities which leads to the numbness in the fingers and the toes, and at this point the blood will be too thick to make its way through the small capillaries in the brain, which will make it hard for the brain to concentrate or even focus on something for a period of time, until it comes back to its hydration level.

  • Food

As we have already mentioned above, the body could manage to survive without food for a longer period of time than it could survive without water; we could say that it could not even survive without water. The reason behind not being in need for food immediately is that the body tends to make use of other sources found inside the body; at first, it uses the energy found in its fat and glycogen reserves, once the fat reserves are used up, the body will start breaking down the musculature into proteins for energy; muscles usually break up so easily and quickly, within one week. At this point, all the internal sources that the body might be depending on will be finished and the body will most probably die. A lot of people think that the body immediately dies because it no longer receives food when in fact it dies because when the body stops receiving food, it becomes less susceptible to infectious diseases and it dies easily from any of these diseases.

  • Shelter

After talking about the three most essentials for human life, we have to move on and mention those which come second in importance, such as shelter and sleep. Shelter means appropriate clothing which will protect the body from the element and will keep the body at the consistent temperature, and when we mention the importance of shelter in protecting the body against elements then we have to mention that these elements might lead to water loss if the body is exposed to them. Whether it is winter or summer, you will always need appropriate shelter to protect the body; the cold temperature and wind can strip away valuable moisture quickly in the same way high temperatures could lead to sweat.

This is considered important because when the temperature of the body is not maintained, the risk of hypothermia or heat stroke might appear; in the first scenario, the body will lose the ability to control internal temperatures, and with the second scenario, the central nervous system will start to break down and the brain will overheat and die.

  • Sleep

Coming to our last stop here, we have to mention that sleep is another important thing needed when it comes to the human survival needs which is sleep. At some point, when you stay for a long couple of hours without getting any sleep in between, you realize that your body is not giving you the chance to interact as needed and your mind is not able to concentrate, and that of course comes apart from not being able to open up your eyes and stay in good form for a long period of time; you will be searching for the nearest bed to have your rest.

For a long period of time, sleep was not even one among the things stated in the list of human necessities to survive, but we have to mention that depriving the body from sleep for a long time is not considered good by any means because there are different problems which might appear, such as hallucination, decreased body temperature, and cognitive impairment. There are some side effects for the lack of sleep which we have to mention; headaches will start to appear in the beginning when the body stays up without sleeping for about 24 hours, when the amount of hours increase to 72, the memory becomes impaired and the reality becomes distorted and of course at this point the person should not drive because this becomes dangerous, if the time interval is expanded and the person stays up for 96 hours, cognition is markedly impaired, and eventually 144 hours without sleep will lead to hallucination and the inability to concentrate on any tasks.

You might at first consider it impossible to stay up for all those hours without sleeping, but some people tend to do so for specific reasons and at some point, they might find themselves unable to rest or get some sleep, which will eventually bring them to a specific point and affect their health, their ability to concentrate, and the ability to focus their attention on any task they are trying to work on and get done; sleep is definitely beneficial for the body even if it is not yet placed among the important needs which the body is waiting for in order to survive.

When it comes to the point where you will need to think about the essential needs of the body for it to survive, you should give your mind the chance to think for some time about the first common things that would come to his/her mind; would it be able to stay for a couple of minutes without oxygen? Could it survive for a couple of days without water? Will it continue to live normally without food? The answers for these questions will give the person the chance to know the things it might need daily and those which it could live without, to know the basic needs of survival for the body.

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