Can Dogs Eat Tofu?

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A lot of people tend to give their dogs a lot of what they are eating and not just follow the rules and give them their special food, which brings us to the important question here: can dogs eat tofu? Not all the food that is considered healthy for human beings will end up being healthy for animals as well and that is the reason why every single person who tends to feed his/her dog the same food that he/she eats should always make sure that what he/she is giving the dog is considered acceptable and safe.

When it comes to tofu, there are different health benefits to be mentioned for human beings and different reasons why they should add it every now and then to their meals. People are different and even their bodies might accept the food in a different kind of way which could explain how animals and human beings end up being not the same and how the food they are supposed to eat might also be different.

Is Tofu Safe for Dogs?

Tofu is one of those food types that the world took from the Asian world and which could be prepared in different ways; it could be fried, it could be grilled, and it could be also added to different recipes out there. There are different dishes prepared by tofu and which are also given their names, such as the stinky tofu, which is only sold in street markets and which is given that name for the strong odor that might get you when you are at the other end of the street.

This Asian type of food is now spreading in different other parts of the world even though they might not be preparing it exactly in the same ways and thus it might at some point reach the mouth of a dog who happens to be living in the same house of a person who got attached to tofu and is usually preparing it. It is important to read more about using tofu for dogs and get the chance to know all the benefits and side effects that might come along.

Let’s all agree that the benefits we have heard about tofu haven’t been mentioned in a scientific research done about this food type before, but it was according to what nutritionists realized on the bodies and health of those who were eating it. Since there aren’t any researches done on the benefits of tofu for human being then there aren’t any of those which are done on the benefits or effects of tofu on animals, specifically dogs.

Tofu is considered an unusual type of food for dogs and that is why it is better to stay away from it and refrain from giving it to your dog. There isn’t anything that says that dogs should not eat tofu but we have to mention that not having the right amount of information means that instead of giving your dog something and feeling sorry about it later, you should avoid giving it that thing all together.

It is actually believed that tofu could give the digestive system of dogs a hard time because it is an unusual type of food which they are not used to. If you want to try and give your dog part of your tofu then you should make it a very small portion and at the same time never ever think about making it a habit. The problem is that the owner will never know whether his/her dog is allergic to tofu or any of the substances found in it or not and thus they might suffer from huge problems even with feeding them a small portion and might end up with no problems at all, which will always depend on the dog and whether he/she is allergic to tofu or not.

If your dog is not allergic to tofu then the worst that could happen to it is a little bit of digestive trouble; the dog will be passing a little bit of gas and might show some symptoms of loose stool or mild diarrhea. Like human beings, dogs don’t always react to food in the same way, some might suffer from digestive problems and some might not, but this does not change the fact that it is important to only give the dog small portions of what you are eating, especially if things like tofu, because it might not be safe and the dog might not react in the right manner.

Is Tofu Good for Dogs?

In addition to being new to the digestive system of the dog and thus might lead to some bloating problems, it is considered better to avoid feeding the dog tofu because the types of protein which are found in it and which are considered good for the human being are not the same ones needed for the body of the dog. A lot of dog owners think about giving tofu to their dogs because of the protein found in it, but these people should search more to understand that the dog will need other different protein types which are better found in their food and not in tofu.

Dog owners have to know that anything that is related to soy is not recommended for dogs by any means and since tofu is made from soybeans then it is not recommended to be given to dogs. Even though tofu is not recommended for dogs, there are different food manufacturers out there who use soy in the dog’s food for its protein instead of using meat protein because this will be considered cheaper in the production phase for them, and this is considered the first wrong thing that manufacturers tend to do when it comes to feeding the dogs of the world.

Bloating is the first problem that the dog will suffer from even when eating a very small portion of tofu; but in addition to that, the dog might also suffer from gastric dilatation volvulus which is considered the first cause of death of domestic canines. Dog owners should always know that soy in general usually contains high levels of pesticides and that the phytoestrogens found in tofu are probably a net negative for most dogs out there.

Being a vegetarian does not give dog owners the right to ban their dogs from eating meat because there aren’t vegetarian dogs out there and they should be receiving the needed protein from meat. Eating tofu does not always mean that your dog likes what it is eating but it might be to fulfill any of the hunger needs they are suffering from, so don’t always take it as an acceptance for tofu. Never try to compare the needs of human beings to those of animals because they are both different and human beings have been vegetarian for a good time and history but dogs haven’t and are still in need for their requirements.

Tofu and Dogs

Regardless all the facts stated above and regardless the fact that dogs are not supposed to eat tofu with great portions, we have to mention that sometimes tofu actually carries some benefits for dogs which might come from the contents found in it, such as magnesium, manganese, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and iron. There are three different situations where tofu might be actually better for dogs than receiving their protein from meat, which include:

  • Dogs with Food Allergies

Some dogs out there suffer from food allergies and those are the ones to depend on tofu in order to handle such a problem. The food allergies appear from some commercial food types and which might sometimes carry processed food protein in them, at this point tofu could actually be the type of food to pass through the digestive system without causing any allergic problems to the dog.

  • Dogs with Liver Issues

Some veterinarians agree that those dogs that might be suffering from liver issues might need a change in their diet routine which will include removing animal protein from their food. In such cases, tofu is considered a better type of food that is liver friendly and also better than the less liver friendly food types that carry protein coming from animal meat. The same thing might be applied with those dogs which are suffering from renal disease (it’s when the kidneys of the dog start to malfunction resulting in the inability to remove waste and balance fluids in the body).

  • Dogs with Bladder Stones

The third and last situation and health problem that might make tofu a better choice for dogs than the food which carries the protein of animal meat in them is related to those dogs that might be suffering from bladder stones. Those dogs that are prone to developing bladder stones will be in need for a source of protein that carries lower number of components called purines, that is why decreasing the amount of protein in the diet of the dog will be the answer and that is also the reason why there are low protein food types found out there. In this case, we have to mention that the protein coming from tofu carries fewer amounts of purines than the one coming from animals and thus will be better for dogs at this point.

These are different cases that might make tofu a good choice for dogs but this does not also give dog owners the permission to feed their dogs huge amounts of tofu and better if they checked back with the dog’s veterinarian in order to make sure that he/she is not causing any problems for the dog and its digestive system.

Dogs and tofu could go hand in hand but in small portions and in specific situations and cases but it is also important to check back with a veterinarian and at the same time watch out for the effects that might appear. Tofu carries different health benefits for human beings due to the nutrients and minerals that it carries but this does not make it healthy for animals; human beings could be vegetarian and eat tofu without any meat but animals are not the same and never have been vegetarian and thus will most probably be waiting for meat in their meals.

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