Tips to Freeze Tofu

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Getting introduced to a new food type is not just related to the way it should be cooked and the benefits or side effects it might deliver, but it is also related to the ways it should be stored and the time interval it should live at the place according to the storage method. Tofu is an Asian type of food that carries different benefits for the human body, it is made from coagulating soybeans and pressing the resulting milk, and it is cooked in different ways as well. When it comes to storing tofu, one of the ways is to freeze it and that is what the article will take you through.

Tofu come packed in water and that is the main reason why it always goes through the preparation phase which is all about draining it from that water and this makes a lot of people hesitated about the idea of freezing it, not just that, but they fear that the texture of the fresh tofu will be changed and they might not enjoy it once again.

Can You Freeze Tofu?

There is one important question that is usually asked when it comes to freezing tofu: could that be done? Is it possible and safe to freeze tofu? And for this question we have to give a big fat yes; tofu could be actually frozen and it will even carry several benefits at the end. The benefit that is related to freezing tofu goes back to its texture; whenever tofu is kept in the freezer first before being used, it ends up being chewier and it will be more able to absorb the marinade that it might be added to.

There are lots of food types out there that people tend to keep in the freezer in order to preserve for whenever they will use it once again and usually they come out without having anything changed about them, but you will come across those which will witness some changes and some might not be even able to be used once again if they have been stored for a long period of time.

Tofu is one of those food types that makes it always a better choice to store tofu in the freezer before using it to give it a chewier texture, but it will also depend on how each person prefers to eat it because those who love the smooth tofu will then avoid the step of freezing it first. It is important to try tofu and be well aware of its taste before deciding on what you want to do with it because this will give you the chance to decide on whether you will want it smooth or else hard.

It is not just about the personal likes and dislikes, but the idea behind freezing tofu depends on the meal or dish that you are going to prepare because tofu not always succeeds at absorbing the marinade it is added to and thus freezing it then defrosting will give it the chance to absorb that marinade well.

How to Freeze Tofu?

So now you know that tofu could be frozen and it is safe to do that, which will even give it some benefits later on, but since as we have mentioned before tofu comes packed in water, some people feel lost and don’t know how they are supposed to freeze it in the correct way; should they remove it from the water or leave it there? Should they go through the preparation stage first or go through it when they decide to defrost the tofu and use it?

There are different types of tofu found out there, such as the silken, the soft, the hard and the extra hard, and every single one of them is treated differently and added to a different meal or dish. The silken and soft tofu in general should be treated softly because they might easily crumble or lose their forms, but the hard and extra hard ones could be treated normally and could even be pressed normally in order to drain them from the water. It doesn’t matter which type you are using, they could be all frozen and could be safely preserved in the freezer without worrying about how they will end up looking like.

There are some steps to consider when it comes to freezing tofu – they are all easy because freezing tofu needs nothing to be done actually – and which go as:

  • Before going through the first step of tofu which is related to cutting it, it is important to go through the preparation phase which is called the pressing. Pressing the tofu of the water found in it is beneficial because it will prevent the ice from forming inside and outside the tofu during the period it is kept in the freezer.
  • At this point, you will start with getting the block of tofu that you want to freeze and cut it into cubes the size you prefer; some people might even prefer to freeze them as sticks.
  • Then after you cut the block of tofu, you should then place it solid onto a baking sheet.
  • And finally comes the storage step where you will store the cubes of tofu in a freezer container until you are ready to take them out, defrost, and go through the cooking phase.
  • Tofu could be also frozen the way it is, as a block, by putting it into a freezer or plastic bag which you should make sure to remove the air from.

To get the water out of tofu, there are simple steps which you will need to go through; first you will place a plate and then cover it with a piece of cloth or paper towel then place the tofu on top, cover it with the other end of the paper towel, place another plate and then put a heavy object on top in order to let it press on the tofu and get the water out; you will need to leave it for about an hour.

These are the different easy steps which you will take in order to freeze tofu and you should know that sometimes tofu will turn yellowish according to the period of time it is kept in the freezer – which will also depend on the brand and type you are using. The frozen tofu could last in the freezer for five months only and should not be kept more than that or even used if kept for a longer period of time.

Can You Eat Tofu Raw?

After knowing how to preserve tofu and getting the chance to understand for how long it should be kept, it is important to share an important piece of news with those who know nothing about tofu, such as the ability to eat tofu raw. Generally speaking, lots of those who tend to eat tofu are the ones who love eating healthy food in general and those are also who believe that eating raw food will deliver more benefits for their bodies and thus will be always asking about whether tofu could be among those different types of food that could be eaten raw or not.

Tofu could be eaten raw but this will depend on how it is prepared or how it has been packaged. There are a lot of those who try preparing tofu at their homes but this is considered a tiring process which they might not be able to fulfill and which needs a lot of effort and thus might not bring the tofu as good as it should be. In order to avoid all the hassle, these personality types should better get tofu from the supermarket but should always make sure that it is fresh. Some places offer different ways for buying tofu; some sell it packed in containers with water and others tend to sell it in packages and deciding whether you could eat raw tofu or not will always depend on the brand you have brought.

You should always check; if the tofu you have got from the supermarket is precooked and is in an antiseptic package then you could eat it raw without even going through the phase of boiling or steaming. On the other hand, if the tofu is not packed in a plastic bag and comes in a container with water then you should not think about eating it raw and this goes back for one important reason: first of all, the water makes the tofu softer and this could attract more bacteria to it and thus will need to go through the cooking phase in order for this bacteria to be killed or else it will get into the human stomach and might even cause poisoning.

A lot of people eat tofu raw after checking the way it looks and smelling it which is not considered enough and thus might later suffer from food poisoning without realizing that the main reason behind that is the tofu they have eaten. In order to make sure that you are placing yourself in the safe zone and you are not going to badly affect your body and stomach with eating raw tofu, you should rinse it with water and boil it for around five or ten minutes then let it chill for a while in the refrigerator while being placed in an airtight container.

Even though you might be allowed to eat tofu raw in specific conditions, it is considered better to avoid doing such a thing and go through an easy cooking phase first, and this pretty much answers the question that is also always asked and which is: do you have to cook tofu? It is not a must, but you should preferably do that in order not to suffer from any side effects.

Tofu is definitely a healthy type of food to choose but like any other food type, it might also carry some bacteria in it and thus you should always take care when you are preparing and eating it. Tofu could be kept in the freezer and this might even give it some benefits but the period should not exceed five months and the water should be drained. Tofu could be eaten raw but in specific cases and it is better to avoid doing so from the beginning and go through the easy boiling part that takes no time or effort.

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